In January 1997, Jennifer Collins took a large egg from the Texas zoo as a souvenir. At the time, she hardly realized what her deed would lead to. However, 20 years later Jennifer and her family had to return an adult alligator to the same zoo.


Jennifer was a part-time volunteer at a small zoo in Caldwell County, Texas. One day it occurred to her to take an egg, as the woman planned to keep it as a souvenir.


However, pretty soon a real alligator hatched from the egg. And like a real Texas resident, Jennifer tried to raise it as a pet. We must admit, for 20 years she has been doing a great job.


Then information about an adult alligator living in Jennifer's backyard was reported to the zoo by Jennifer's new neighbors. The zoo quickly responded to the call, and as a result, the reptile had to be returned:

For Jennifer, the story is just beginning. Even though it's been 20 years, the zoo is going to court.


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