A young woman was able to convince her father to take in the cat who was struggling to feed her kittens and protect them from the cold. The man, who didn't want any pets at home, had a complete change of heart when he met these felines who were in desperate need of help.

Source: Maria Cassano

Seeing a stray tabby cat carrying her newborn baby near her father's house, Maria Cassano decided to help her. She began feeding the mama cat despite her father's objection, but eventually persuaded him to let her in.

It was getting cold, and the young woman was worried about the kittens and their mother. They needed to find shelter as soon as possible.

Source: Maria Cassano

"My dad is very skilled and although he is not a fan of having pets in the house, he is a really empathetic guy and loves to help," Maria Cassano explained.

Source: Maria Cassano

When the kittens were old enough to be adopted, they joined their new families. The mama cat, on the other hand, was given a luxury home made by Cassano's father. He built her a warm, comfortable and secure shelter, which she quickly got used to.

Source: Maria Cassano

The tabby cat then became pregnant again. She had another kitten, and her owner decided to equip her little house with an infrared camera, in order to watch over her and her kitten.

Source: Maria Cassano

Three cats in the garden of the man who did not want animals

Both were taken to the vet to be vaccinated and neutered. When the kitten had grown up, it found a forever home. Its mother still likes long walks about the neighborhood, but she always comes back to Maria Cassano and her father.

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Source: Maria Cassano

She has settled in their garden for good and is no longer alone; two other cats, named Inky and Finky, also live there now. They also have their own cat houses, made with love by their owner.

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