It is said that any action is often better than no action, but sometimes waiting is the strategy that works. That's exactly what the crafty little stray cat was doing. But how was she able to make humans adopt her? Well, she would just come to the same house, sit near the porch, and wait. She didn't meow or cry, she didn't showed her belly, she would just sit there.

When the family saw the furry visitor for the first time, they didn't pay much attention to her since you never know what kind of stray animals are walking around... The next day they saw her there again but did nothing. Three days later they finally paid attention to the persistent cat. And all this time the cat just kept sitting in the same place as if nothing was happening.

Candy waiting to be taken in. Source: pulse.mail

When the family decided to get to know the cat better, they immediately realized that the cat needed help. The furry beauty was rather neglected and had certain health issues. So, the kind people took her to the vet and paid the expensive bill, since fate had sent them such a lovely gift. Still, they were planning to give the cat into good hands, but, as it often happens, everything turned out quite differently than planned.

After two days, it was clear to everyone that the little feline would stay forever with the family. She was skinny and incredibly light, so she was fed with a syringe for a few days. Moreover, the kitty would fall asleep only in her new owner's arms. She was treated for the runny nose, eye infection, and other "street" diseases. When the treatment was finished, no one even thought of putting the cat up for adoption.

Candy the cat. Source: pulse.mail

The cat named Candy is very nice to all family members, but she is especially affectionate with Mickey the cat that also lives with the family. Mickey did not object to meeting the little kitty, he was incredibly curious, and immediately set out to clean Candy's ears. Since Mickey is a rogue cat, and Candy is very young, she quickly learns everything she is taught by her big brother. Now she also throws things off shelves and tables, tries to scratch everything she can see, steals food, and gets involved in other criminal activities.

Candy and Mickey. Source: pulse.mail

Despite these pranks, which sometimes bring quite noticeable damage to the house, Candy is very affectionate and grateful for her rescue. She has brought much joy both to the people and to her big brother Mickey, who no longer misbehaves alone.

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Source: pulse.mail

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