Mary Warwick, 30, couldn't figure out how her short-legged dachshund named Darcie kept escaping from an enclosure, and all the other, taller dogs, couldn't jump over a child gate. For three months the woman had been trying to uncover Darcie's secret, but then she gave up and set up a camera. The video finally showed the clever trick the little dachshund had devised to escape.


Mary and her husband, Scott, 38, work every day. They live in a big house and don't want all their dogs to hang out the rooms. So they have set up a comfortable enclosure for the pets in the kitchen, which closes with a child gate.


That is rather tolerable for all the dogs except Darcie, a 3-year-old dachshund. On their way home from work, Mary and Scott would often see Darcie sitting in the living room. She was somehow getting out of the enclosure, even though the gate was made taller and taller.

"We wanted to rename her Houdini. The bars are too narrow for a dachshund to get out. The dog just can't jump that high. We had to set the camera and already on video we could see her clever trick," Mary said later.

It turned out that Darcie was helped by another dog. The dog named Brenson purposely came closer to the bars and the dachshund jumped on his back and climbed over the bars.


Interestingly, the other dogs didn't want to run away from their enclosure and just watched Darcie:

Mary and Scott decided to buy an even taller child gate. Now the couple hopes that Darcie won't cope with this new obstacle.


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