Dogs are known to be very protective of their family or property. And sometimes they help not only people, but also other animals.

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A dog named Zip lives at S & K Quarter Horses farm in Fayette, Alabama, owned by Carla Swindle. A few years ago, there was a tragedy. One of the horses, 22-year-old Sandy, passed away, leaving an orphaned 9-day-old foal named Tye. At that age, foals cannot survive without their mother. And it's not even about breastfeeding, since it can be substituted with formula, it's about maternal warmth and care. Horses are social animals that need to communicate with their fellows. Females develop a strong bond with their foals, becoming the most faithful protector for their offspring.

Tye is an orphaned foal. Source: Facebook

It was very hard for the orphaned Tye to accept the loss of his mother. That tragic night Tye lay on the stable floor not responding to anything. On seeing this, Zip lay next to him. According to Carla, it was as if the dog could feel the foal's pain and sincerely tried to help. "There was a moment when Zip was laying there by his neck and he was whining, like crying. It just broke my heart," the woman recalls.

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That night Tye lost his mother, but made a close friend. Zip became his buddy, protector and, in some ways, even replaced his mom. Since then, Zip and Tye have spent a lot of time with each other. Carla, who has raised generations of foals, says it's the first case of such a strong bond developing between a foal and a dog on her farm. And while Zip has always showed interest in the newborns, he never bonded with them so much, never licked the foals, and never cuddled to them to keep them warm. "Apparently the dog somehow realized what had happened to Tye," Carla believes.

Zip and Tye would meet every morning when Carla opened the barn to let the foal outside. If the owner hesitated and didn't go inside, the dog would nudge her as if saying "Hurry up and bring my friend." When the foal wouldn't come out of the stall, Zip would lie down next to him and spend the whole day with the foal.

Zip and Tye spend a lot of time together. Source: Facebook

Now Tye is doing fine. He has become a happy, healthy colt. He is active and spends a lot of time out in the pastures with his fellows. According to Carla, he has "left his nest," although he hasn't forgotten the small mongrel dog who once replaced his mother. And when these two happen to meet, it's obvious that they are still bonded.

How do you think, Zip's behavior is just an instinct or real love?

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