Hawkeye has been through a terrible incident. When his owners let him outside to potty, he ran away. The pooch ended up at the bottom of a 30-feet deep cave in Dewey Hickman Nature Preserve in Indiana. The dog had been trapped there for two weeks, before a group of hikers found him.

The pooch ended up at the bottom of a 30-feet deep cave.Source: Trey Heinke

Hikers spotted Hawkeye in the cave

Luckily, a group of hikers were exploring the caves two weeks later, when they noticed a suspicious movement. As they got a little closer, they saw a severely emaciated dog.

A group of hikers saw a severely emaciated dog at the bottom of the cave. Source: Trey Heinke

The dog was happy to see people approaching him. In fact, when they came out of the cave to get the necessary equipment for the rescue, he thought that the rescuers were leaving without him. Being very scared, he started barking as if saying "Don't go!"

The group of hikers. Source: Trey Heinke

But fortunately, the hikers didn't intend to leave without the pooch. They came back with a harness and dragged the doggie out of the cave.

The dog was very happy and affectionate to all his rescuers. Food was immediately given to him, and he gobbled it up.

So hungry. Source: Trey Heinke

Long-awaited reunion

Hawkeye was then taken to Harrison County Animal Control. Since he had a collar, the staff started searching for his owner.

Source: Trey Heinke

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Eventually, the owners learned about Hawkeye on the news, and realized it was their dog.

A reunion was immediately planned and filmed. The dog was overjoyed to see his family again. He kept jumping up and down and kissing his humans.

After this emotional moment, Hawkeye was able to go back to his home, and finally have a rest. These two weeks could have ended differently, but fortunately, the doggie is safe and sound. Now the whole family is reunited, and the owners are very grateful to the hikers who have rescued their dog.

Source: The Dodo

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