A Milford dog has recently decided to go for a swim without her owner's supervision and put herself in danger. Rescue teams were immediately dispatched to the scene and they had to act quickly, before the doggie was swept out to sea.

PJ, a.k.a. Pixie Junior, lives with her family near a beach in Milford, Connecticut. Since she was a little girl, this 3-year-old poodle has been used to swimming in the Long Island Sound, but never alone. She always does it with her owner Beth Barsky.

Pixie Junior and her poodle Pixie Junior. Source: Fox61

On the day of the incident, however, she managed to escape from home and run straight to the ocean. As she plunged into the water, she was gradually swept out to sea by the current. By the time locals realized it, she was already well away from the shore.

When the Milford Fire Department's marine rescue team arrived at the scene, PJ was about 500 feet off shore. Three swimmers, one with a paddle board, were trying to help the dog.

Three swimmers to the rescue before the firefighters arrived

The rescuers quickly reached them and got the poodle and the two swimmers aboard their boat. The man on the paddleboard rowed back to shore.

Once back on dry land, Pixie Junior was thrilled and relieved to see her owner. Fortunately, she was safe and sound.

Barsky expressed her gratitude to the firefighters for their quick and efficient response. "Thank You MFD [Milford Fire Department] ..For rescuing pj today!" she commented on the post recounting the rescue on their Facebook account.

Source: pets-dating.com

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