Pets' wellbeing depends entirely on their owners. However, it sometimes happens that their owners pass away, and no one wants their dogs. This is exactly what happened to a little dog named Woody from Texas, whose elderly owner passed away.

The kind woman took good care of her beloved furry friend and even mentioned him in her will, noting that Woody had a right to live in the house after her death, and the heirs were obligated to take good care of him. However, things have gone quite the opposite.

When the old lady passed away, her daughter inherited the house. She moved into the house, but it was not in her plans to keep Woody and the 3-year-old dog was simply thrown out into the yard and left to live there in a small kennel.

The house dog was not used to living outside and the kennel did not seem safe to him, so he moved in under the porch. The new owner occasionally brought him food, but her care for the dog was limited to that. She never bathed or brushed him and even to take Woody to the groomer, as before, was out of the question.

It wasn't long before the previously well-groomed Woody turned into a matted dirty creature that looked nothing like the late lady's pet.

Woody lived under the porch. Source: pulse.mail

The dog had been unable to assert his rights to a decent life, after all he was only a dog. However, a Good Samaritan stepped in. One day, a friend of the late lady was walking by the house and saw Woody who ran out from under the porch to greet her like in the good old days. At first the woman did not recognize her former acquaintance in this filthy dog, but after a closer look she realized that it was Woody.

She took pity on the poor thing and reported him to a local humane society, whose staff immediately took Woody to a shelter. The volunteers even wanted to sue the heiress, but they weren't sure it would help Woody.

Woody in his new home. Source: pulse.mail

At the shelter, Woody was groomed and fed to his heart's content. The vet examined him and said that the dog was healthy, except for the fact that he was blind in one eye. However, this did not prevent the volunteers from finding Woody a new home. A friend of Woody's late owner, who was very concerned about the pooch, took him in. Now the doggie is loved and cared for again.

Have you seen extremely neglected pets?

Source: pulse.mail

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