While inspecting a new building, an officer heard a noise in the attic and decided to go and check it out. He expected to see a bird, a bat at most. However, a much more exciting meeting awaited him. There was an 8-foot alligator that had crept unnoticed into the construction site and settled in the attic.

Source: trendymen.com

Inspector Dean Brown was called to check the house after construction, a standard procedure for North Carolina. Brown found no violations until that very noise came from the attic.

Source: trendymen.com

Brown walked up the stairs and forgot about the sounds, for there he was to complete the inspection. At one point the man spotted a huge stuffed alligator in the corner, but didn't give it much thought.

"I spent about 15 minutes there. Then I turned around and suddenly realized that it wasn't a stuffed animal. Does a stuffed animal blink?" Brown later recounted.

Source: trendymen.com

The inspector quickly left the attic and the entire construction crew was instantly asked to leave. Wildlife control officers arrived on the scene and took the alligator to release it into the wild.

No one still knows how the alligator made it to the attic, but anyway, the reptile was able to climb four floors up.

Source: trendymen.com

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