An Indian elephant named Kaawan has spent his entire life chained up in a small, dilapidated pen in a Pakistani zoo. Only now, after 32 years of confinement, thanks to the efforts of animal rights activists, Kaawan is finally going to a sanctuary and will be set free.

Kaawan the elephant. Source: petpop

The global quest to free Kaawan started in the summer of 2015, when Samar Khan came to Pakistan from the United States to visit her family. As soon as Khan learned that an elephant had been chained in the zoo for 28 years, she immediately created a petition for Kaawan's release, which quickly drew the attention of people from around the world.

Kaawan has spent 32 years in a small enclosure. Source: petpop

In September 2015, animal rights activists finally won the battle for the right to let the elephant roam freely in the enclosure. But they didn't stop there.

Kaawan. Source: petpop

Three days ago, representatives of the Free Kaavan movement and the Help Welfare Organization presented Kaavan's case before the Pakistani Senate. They argued that the elephant should be moved to a sanctuary where it could interact with other elephants.

Faryal Gauhar, PR officer for the Free Kaavan movement. Source: petpop

Faryal Gauhar, PR officer for the Free Kaavan movement, addressed the senate three times. He cited the results of research and recommendations from leading experts in support of moving Kaavan to a sanctuary.

Kaawan is going to a sanctuary. Source: petpop

Surprisingly, the Senate agreed that Kaavan should go to a sanctuary.

Kaawan is finally free. Source: petpop

Thanks to the people who fought for him, the elephant, who has spent his entire life chained up, will be able to walk free.

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Kaawan will be able to walk free. Source: petpop

All that remains is to wait for official confirmation from Pakistan's National Assembly, and Kaawan will move to a sanctuary in Myanmar, where there is already a place reserved for him.

Source: petpop

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