Mary made a promise to a senior man to rescue his pet Jack. The doggie had run away once and the volunteer was able to finally find him only 2 years later. Better late than never. However, the dog had a chance to run away again.

Mary Oyler and other volunteers from Texas were committed to rescuing about 30 stray dogs, all of whom belonged to Richard Ewers who had died of cancer. During their transfer to a shelter, one of them ran away. Mary moved heaven and earth to find it. She finally trapped him in a cage, but within minutes, when her back was turned, a driver let him go.

Mary had been searching for Jack for two years.

"We promised Mr. Richard that we would rescue all his dogs. And as a rescue volunteer, we follow through," Oyler said. And so, in her spare time, Oyler walked the streets in the hope of seeing him.

Jack the dog. Source: Facebook screenshot

An emotional roller coaster

Mary had never given up and eventually tracked down Jack. She placed a trap cage in a strategic location, and exploded with joy when she saw him inside. She says she didn't believe it because she had been searching for him for so long. Unfortunately, she was soon to be devastated.

The volunteer had already planned a family to take Jack in. So, as soon as he was captured, she made sure to contact the family to tell them the good news, and stepped away for a moment to make a phone call. While her back was turned, a driver in an SUV pulled up to the cage, blocking Mary's view. When he drove off, the woman was shocked to find that the cage was open and Jack was gone: "Within a minute, he was gone. I was completely devastated."

"Tampering with the trap should be a crime, whether it be a city trap, a county trap or a rescue trap," Oyler said. "Leave it alone. Do not touch it."

The rescuer knew that the driver of the SUV had not stolen Jack. In fact, he probably thought he was doing the right thing by letting him go. But once again, the investigation was back to where it started.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Desperate, Mary started searching for the dog again. It took about 3 more months to capture the doggie. Jack went to Fetch Foster and Rescue Inc. before going to his temporary home.

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Staff member Amber Newell wrote on Facebook, "Thank you Mary Oyler for all your years of making sure Jack was safe, and for keeping your word to rescue him!"

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