Darwin is a special dog who can sniff out bumblebee nests. Thanks to this skill, he was able to help his owner preserve this essential species that is of tremendous value to the ecosystem.

Darwin the dog. Source: Facebook screenshot

Darwin's keen sense of smell was invaluable to his owner, Jacqueline Staab, a researcher at Appalachian State University in North Carolina. Staab specializes in insect pollinators and has gained much information from working with Darwin who knew how to find bumblebee nests.

Darwin the dog. Source: Facebook screenshot

According to Staab, insect pollinators are essential to the ecosystem and, more generally, to the environment. Since their disappearance would have disastrous effects for the planet, the woman chose to preserve them by going into the field.

Their nests, in particular, are a real source of information on their behavior. Since it is difficult for a human to find them, Staab came up with the idea to train her dog to do this.

Darwin the dog. Source: Facebook screenshot

An unprecedented request

Staab searched for information on the breeds most likely to accomplish this mission, and chose to adopt a German Pointer. At the age of 6 months, the doggie named Darwin was finally able to start training his smell. However, Staab first faced misunderstanding. She recalls, "I called a bunch of people, and they were like, 'What? I'll get back to you never. Bumblebees, are you crazy?'"

Darwin the dog. Source: Facebook screenshot

But the scientist knew her project was really important. She eventually found a person to train Darwin. A few months later, Darwin joined his owner on her trip to Colorado. 

"Darwin is not afraid of a challenge," Staab says. The pooch showed his skills and did a good job!

Excellent teamwork

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Darwin was in charge of finding bumblebee nests. Once located, he would alert Jacqueline. Jacqueline could then collect data on the insects. Although the dog's work was complex and tedious, Darwin immediately saw it as a game. " Working with Darwin is really cool because he's always super motivated, super positive, ready to go," Staab says.

Source: Facebook screenshot

Staab is very proud of her dog. The woman confides how much she was amazed to see him at work. Unfortunately, the pup passed away prematurely due to an illness. Staab misses her exceptional friend, who was "the first American conservation dog to sniff out bumblebee nests."

Nevertheless Darwin motivated her to train other dogs to search for pollinators, because the experiment proved to be successful. So Staab continues to work with dogs and shares the details of this beautiful profession with the general public on Facebook.

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