One day Edgardo, a rancher from Loncopué, Argentina, found a baby Andean condor who had lost its parents. One of the bird's legs was injured, so the man with the help of the local wildlife authorities treated the bird and nursed it back to health.

Edgardo knew that the bird had to learn to feed for itself so when a few animals died on his property he left them there so the condor could eat in the "wild."

The Adrean condor. Source: dailykos

Although the bird has grown up and has been released into the wild, it still visits its rescuer.

The bird has not forgotten the kindness of Edgard, so it flew home to express its gratitude with a hug.

The condor still visits its rescuer. Source: video screenshot

Watch the video of the condor greeting the man who rescued the bird several years ago:

Source: Reddit

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