About 60 million years ago, an enormous snake lived on the Earth. Although the Titanoboa is considered to be long extinct, recently, a reptile moving through the jungle at least twice the size of the usual one has been captured on camera. Now some people believe that the titanoboa has returned.

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The longest modern snake, the Reticulated python, is said to reach about 25 ft in length. However, that video shows a reptile that appears to be much longer. In addition, its body diameter is also large. Visually, the weight of the alleged titanoboa could reach up to 2200 lbs.

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Intrigued by the photo, scientists did a little research and found out that a similar case had been recorded in Borneo. The author of the photo claimed to have encountered a 100ft reptile. However, the photo can still be the result of skillful editing, since there is no other information about huge snakes in the region.

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Another huge snake was photographed in 1959 during the planned reconnaissance from the air conducted by army forces and therefore the picture has been perfectly preserved in the archives. It is noted that the video was recorded over one of the rivers of Congo.

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However, the recent video raises some doubts since it is is rather blurred:

Theoretically, the Titanoboa could have survived to this day. The Amazon jungle covers a huge area that is not fully explored.

Source: trendymen

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