Colzouti is a Paris-based tiktoker who describes himself as "an ordinary guy who lives with two extraordinary dogs." One of these dogs is Sora, who makes him very happy.

Recently, Colzouti and his dog were walking down the street when Sora stopped in front of the tent of a homeless man named Bruno. The pooch tried to approach the man, but Colzouti, who was then "full of preconceived ideas", prevented him from doing so.

Although the dog wouldn't go away and wanted to spend some time with the stranger, his owner ended up taking him home. "That's when Sora gave me a look that only a dog can give. Bruno had a big smile on his face," he says.

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Colzouti didn't know that he had witnessed a real turning point not only in the homeless man's life, but also in his own. Sora's attitude had changed his outlook and helped him to discover his empathy.


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"At that moment, I realized two things: that my dog and a stranger had everything to teach me about loving people, and that I would do whatever it took to thank this stranger for teaching me this invaluable lesson," Colzouti says.

Since that meeting, Sora has visited Bruno daily. As soon as he saw the man, the dog would run and wag his tail to join him at full speed and get these sweet cuddles.

"The love of a dog can change your life"

Colzouti was able to chat with Bruno, learning that the man was originally from Latvia and that he only dreamed of one thing – to find a job to get back on his feet.

Source: TikTok

While offering him food, clothes and Sora's priceless love, Colzouti launched an online fundraising campaign to help the homeless man. Donations quickly came pouring in.

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Bruno's situation has improved considerably thanks to this beautiful initiative, supported by the wonderful friendship he had with Sora. He has finally put an end to his homelessness, and even though he no longer lives outside, he and Sora see each other regularly.


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The love and kindness of dogs never ceases to amaze...

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