Three times Cina the Labrador has been deployed for a mission in Afghanistan as part of the U.S. Marine Corps. Thanks to Cina many U.S. soldiers as well as civilians escaped death and injuries.

After Cina retired, he was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer. Nothing could be done, so vets recommended euthanasia. The whole Muskegon, Michigan, saw the dog off to his last journey.

After retiring, Cina settled with of his battle buddy, Marine Lance Corporal Jeff DeYoung. Jeff had always treated the dog as a friend and colleague. When the veteran learned of his 10-year-old friend's terrible diagnosis, he knew that Cina should pass away with honor. So DeYoung organized a solemn ceremony.

DeYoung with Cina. Source: petpop

DeYoung never imagined that almost all of Muskegon would come to say goodbye to his furry friend. From average citizens to the local branch of the Marine Corps League, from the police and the fire department to the sheriff's office, everyone has come to the ceremony. So the event, which had been planned as a modest family occasion, turned into a public mourning for a dying hero.

DeYoung with Cina. Source: petpop

Cina was given the lethal injection aboard the museum ship USS LST-393, docked at Muskegon. From home, the dog, dressed in a ceremonial Marine uniform, rode in a car with an honorary escort of police and bikers.

An honorary escort of police and bikers. Source: petpop

Jeff's family and friends, servicemen, veterans, and strangers came to say goodbye to the faithful doggie. People hugged Cina and told him kind words.

People hugged Cina and told him kind words. Source: petpop

Jeff carried the dog in his arms to the ship. The honor guard shot three times in the air, the trumpeter on deck played a minor tune.

Jeff carried the dog in his arms to the ship. Source: petpop

After Cina was gone, his body was placed in a coffin, traditionally covered with an American flag. Jeff carried it off the ship, barely holding back tears. Chaplain Wesley Speake addressed the crowd with a prayer.

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Jeff carried the coffin off the ship, barely holding back tears. Source: petpop

"I carried him in my arms across mountain rivers, sheltered him from the deadly fire of the Taliban, and Cina kept me warm on cold nights in the Afghan desert and comforted me when I lost seven combat comrades in three weeks," Jeff said later.

Do you think people should spend so much money on mourning for an animal?

Source: petpop

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