The spouses from Brazil Carol Giraldelli Cestari, 30, and her husband Juan Renato Garcia, 37, have a 5-year-old son Enzo. The boy is special since he was born with a unique birthmark on his face. Congenital melanocytic nevi (CMN), a benign formation, covers his forehead and part of the left side of his face.

Enzo's condition is not dangerous but it needs constant monitoring. Moreover, to make their child more confident, the couple decided to buy their "cheerful and outgoing" son a dog who would look just like Enzo.

Enzo with his dog Manchina. Source: Carol Giraldelli Cestari

"My husband found a picture of a dog with the same spot as Enzo's, and on the same side, on a website!" Carol recounts. "But that dog was 500 miles away. At first we didn't take the idea very seriously...but 30 days went by and we decided to go get the pup."

Enzo with his dog Manchina. Source: Carol Giraldelli Cestari

The adorable 4-month-old puppy had a mark on the same side of his face as Enzo, so the couple realized it was the perfect choice.

The pup was named him Manchina. Since Enzo's had wanted a dog for a long time, he was over the moon when he saw Mancina.

"He was very happy that he now had a dog that looked so much like him," Carol says.

Enzo with his dog Manchina. Source: Carol Giraldelli Cestari

Now Enzo has the best friend. They like to go fishing with Enzo's granddad and playing around in the yard.

Carol had a perfect pregnancy with Enzo, and she never knew that her son would be born so special.

When she saw her son for the first time, she felt only unconditional love.

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Enzo with his parents. Source: Carol Giraldelli Cestari

"I was so happy that God chose me to be the mother of this little boy...we are very blessed to have a son so blessed by God, gifted with his special mark," Carol says.

Source: epochtimes

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