Internet users have recently been touched by the story of a missing dog and the note pinned to his collar when he came home after several days of absence. The dog's owner who lives in Canada has shared the story.

The culprit. Source: pets.mail

The woman's pup had been missing for several days and the woman couldn't even imagine that this time her pooch spent stealing chicken eggs from her neighbors. Having caught the dog red-handed three times, the owner of chickens decided to write a note, which he pinned to the thief's collar:

"Dear Sir or Madam, take care of your dog, he comes and eats my chickens' eggs. He has done it three times." The sender also added his phone number adding, "Don't scold him, just talk to him."

The owner of chickens wrote a note. Source: pets.mail

Social media users as well as the dog's owner were amazed by the contents of the note, especially by the neighbor's request not to treat the puppy harshly. Some of the users shared their stories with their neighbors, and some of them noted that the neighbor's act touched them. Everyone unanimously agreed that this world needs more understanding and empathetic people.

What escapades has your pet done?

Source: pets.mail

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