A leopard spotted a dog on the outskirts of an Indian village and decided to hunt it. The dog hid in the first available place that was an outdoor toilet, but the leopard followed it. However, a frightened local resident slammed the door. Only seven hours later, the specialists dared to open it and saw what the completely different animals were doing.

An odd incident happened in the Indian village of Bilineela. The homeowner heard a noise and then spotted a leopard's tail in a local outdoor toilet. He instantly slammed the door shut and called the Forest Department.

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Soon the whole village gathered at the door. One could see through a small window that the leopard was lying in one corner of the 30 sq ft toilet, while the dog was sitting in the other.

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The rangers did not arrive until seven hours later. By that time it had already become dark and no one realized what was going on in the restroom. But behind the door the specialists saw the same scene: the dog kept its territory and the leopard respected it.

"This was the first time I had ever seen such a thing. The leopard was clearly hunting the dog, but as soon as the door closed, it recognized a fellow creature in it," a specialist said.

The incident was captured on video:

As soon as the door opened, the leopard quickly made it into the forest. The dog, as the locals later recounted, is now more cautious and no longer goes outside the village.

Source: trendymen

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