On his way back from another hunt, Arif, an Indian farmer, spotted a stork near a fence. The bird was obviously in trouble and needed help, so Arif came to its rescue. Once the bird made a full recovery, Arif wanted to release it into the wild, but the stork chose to stay with the man considering him its best friend. Arif has recorded the story of this unlikely friendship on video.

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Arif lives in the small Indian village of Amethi, Uttar Pradesh. The man is a farmer like everyone else in the area. Sometimes he goes hunting that is sooner a hobby for him.

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So when he spotted a stork lying on the ground, Arif did not hesitate to help the bird. He took it into the house where he bandaged its leg. A month later the stork made a full recovery and Arif waited for it to fly away.

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However, the stork stayed in the man's yard. The bird wouldn't leave Arif's side. Even when the man rides his motorcycle, the stork flies nearby:

Such examples of bird-human friendship are very rare. The stork seems to have really bonded with the farmer. 

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Source: trendymen

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