An 80-year-old man lost everything in a fire, but fortunately, his cat and dog were rescued by a neighbor.

In Prayssas, France, an elderly man lost his possessions and his numerous keepsakes in the flames. The fire completely destroyed his home. Fortunately, the 83-year-old man was not there at that time. On the other hand, his dog and cat were in the house, but were rescued by a neighbor.

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This March, a man was alerted by the black smoke that was coming out of the house, near his home. Realizing that the situation was serious, he contacted the emergency services. The homeowner was absent at the time of the tragedy, but his pets were locked in the house.

Considerable damage

15 firefighters from the Castelmoron fire station came to put out the fire. They were joined by those from Agen and Prayssas, as the flames had taken over the building. For hours, the firefighters were busy putting out the fire, which destroyed the entire building. Finally, once the fire was under control, they waited until the small hours to make sure it would not break out again.

There was nothing left of the house. The incident was believed to have been caused by a short circuit in a heating system. An investigation had to be carried out later to identify the exact source of the fire.

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Fortunately, the neighbor rescued the two pets that remained in the house. Now they are all their owner has.

Source: pets-dating

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