Deng Deng is a real treasure, and it's not just about his coat color or his easy-going personality. It's about how much people from all over the world were willing to pay for the happiness of being the owner of this Shiba Inu.

Eight years ago the owner of a one-year-old Shiba Inu brought his dog to a Chinese pet training center. There, puppies are taught all sorts of dog tricks such as walking and sitting on command, pawing, not picking up all kinds of crap from the ground. Deng Deng's owner paid for a year stay at the facility and disappeared. A year passed, the dog got used to his new family, but obviously missed his owner. And the owner was in no hurry to return.

Deng Deng was abandoned at a pet training centre. Source: Taobao

The center staff had patience for two more years. Deng Deng was a nice dog, and one could not just throw an animal out on the street because his owner did not pay the bill. So Deng Deng grew up in the facility under the care of very busy people. He was treated kindly, but he was very lonely. As Deng Deng's owner no longer paid the bills and would not answer the phone, right after the New Year, the dog was put up for auction.

This story caught the attention of the press; apparently Deng Deng's owner didn't want a fuss, because he paid his debts and paid for another year of keeping the dog. However, the man didn't take the dog home. Two more years have passed and the Shiba Inu's owner disappeared never to be heard from again. And is it possible to call a person a dog owner if he doesn't take care of his pet, doesn't feed it, doesn't raise it and doesn't play with it?

This time the staff were determined to find a new home for the dog. Deng Deng was eight years old, his best years were behind him, and he desperately needed a real family. The center staff were so attached to him that they promised free vet care even after the Shiba Inu would find a new home. The starting price was a symbolic $78.

The starting price for Deng Deng was a symbolic $78. Source: Unsplash

The auction became an internet sensation. It was supposed to last 24 hours, but people from all over the world poured in bids; Deng Deng's value grew, and the auction had to be extended for another 5 hours. Finally, the final bid was 160,000 yuan, or $25,000. The dog went to its new home, and we hope that the person who paid such a sum for the pooch takes good care of him. The identity of the new owner has remained a secret.

Elon Musk contrubuted to the popularity of the Shiba Inu. Source: Unsplash

But what is the secret of the popularity of this undeniably cute dog breed? Let's "thank" Elon Musk. He invented and promoted a cryptocurrency that he named after his beloved dog, a Shiba Inu named Floki. The crypto immediately took off, as did the popularity of the breed around the world and it played into the hands of one abandoned dog.

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Source: novochag

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