When Wes Trevor, owner of Spectrum Plants Gold Coast Flower Shop in Australia, found out about eight piglets that had been left without a mom, he wasn't afraid to take them in. Initially, he fed the pigs a special formula to nurse them back to health, but then something unexpected happened.

Treasure, a former stray boxer dog, spotted the piglets and suddenly developed a maternal instinct. She started taking care of them as if they were her own children. Soon her body even began to produce milk, which made it possible for her to nurse the little ones, who were overjoyed at such an opportunity.

Treasure the dog with piglets. Source: petpop

Wes wasn't 100 percent sure that this situation was good for both the dog and the piglets, so he contacted a veterinarian to ask his opinion on this unusual family and seek advice about what he, as an animal owner, should do. But the veterinarian didn't find anything unnatural in the dog's behavior and told the owner that it was even better that the piglets would receive additional milk as long as they didn't harm the dog.

Trevor's daughter, Treasure the dog, and piglets. Source: petpop

This beautiful story proves once again that dogs are incredibly doting and amazing creatures.

Source: petpop

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