Samson the Lab went missing in 2011 and left his family heartbroken. Years passed and his loved ones believed they would never see him again. However, thanks to his microchip, the pet made it home a decade later.

Samson the dog. Source: Facebook screenshot

Mr. C's faithful Labrador Retriever ran away in 2011. Unfortunately, for 10 years, the dog was nowhere to be found, so his family lost hope. A decade later Samson was spotted roaming San Antonio streets and reported to a humane society.

Samson the dog. Source: Facebook screenshot

It is still unknow what happened to Samson during all these years. But his condition was of concern when the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services took him in. Volunteers knew that he was old, because of white hairs on his coat. The doggie was covered in parasites and was very dirty. Although he looked like a stray, staff scanned him for a microchip as it was a common procedure to check if he had owners.

Samson the dog. Source: Facebook screenshot

Incredible news

Indeed, Samson did have a family. But the humane society staff had no idea that they had been separated a decade earlier. They contacted Mr. C and learned his story.

Shocked by the news, the man went to the shelter, which was in his home town. He, who had never forgotten his doggie, did not hesitate to go and pick Samson up.

Touching reunion. Source: Facebook screenshot

A touching reunion

Deeply moved when he saw Samson, Mr. C knelt down in front of the doggie and said: "Samson, it's me. Do you remember me?" In response, the pet came forward to sniff his hand. The two wanted to make up for lost time. Later, Samson's owner shared an update. He said that the dog had quickly got used to his home and was enjoying life with his family.

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According to the rescue organization, this beautiful reunion would never have happened if Samson was not microchipped. As the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services noted on Facebook: "We can't stress enough the importance of microchipping", while wishing the two friends a bright future. "He truly is a miracle," the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services wrote.

They are so happy. Source: Facebook screenshot

So happy for Samson!

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