Workers were laying new road pavement and blocked part of the road with cones. But after half an hour, they heard the angry beeps because someone had moved all the cones right to the middle of the road. This happened three more times, after which the workers decided to check the cameras to find the prankster. However, they were surprised to find that it was not a human being who had moved the cones.

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The whole crew was annoyed by the situation with the cones. Each time they had to stop the work and put the equipment back in place. Drivers who constantly saw the road blocked were also angry.

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That is why even the foreman came to check the footage from the installed cameras. By that time, everyone wanted to teach the prankster a lesson. But in the video the workers were surprised to see parrots instead of people. Kea parrots dragged cones in the middle of the road to get drivers to slow down or stop and then to feed them.

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The Kea is the most intelligent parrot on the planet and the only alpine parrot with high IQ. These birds are cunning by nature and are known for their playful behavior:

Parrots might have come up with the idea to move cones not just for food, but also for entertainment.

Source: trendymen

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