It's been several years since a family from Southern California adopted Ozzie, a big shelter dog of menacing breed, but with kind eyes. And all that time the pet suffered badly because … he had no one to take care of.

Ozzie with his new family. Source: petpop

Ozzie has hypertrophied feelings of responsibility and compassion, he needs not just to serve and protect, but specifically to babysit. But there was no one to...

Ozzie's problem was that he ended up in an average family, with a well-established rhythm of life. There are three kids and no more planned, but the youngest, at age 5, prefers to spend time with a tablet rather than his dog, and comprehensive care is no longer needed. There is an old cat Norm, but he would only sleep in the sun and eat, and Ozzie with his love only irritates him. The dog would be happy to get acquainted and play with all the kids in the area, but how many parents would agree to entrust their child to a pit bull, albeit with kind eyes?

Ozzie is so happy. Source: petpop

As the owner joked, Ozzie suffered so much from the lack of affection and friendliness that if burglars broke into their house, the first thing he would do was bring them slippers, a blanket, and a cup of chamomile tea each. "Good Boy" was in dire need of someone to take care of and finally his dream came true. In mid-summer, a stray cat, named Winnie, showed up on the street in the neighborhood. A month later, Winnie gave birth to five kittens, and Ozzie became the happiest of dogs.

Ozzie with kittens. Source: petpop

The owner immediately made clarification: "We'll foster the kittens, but only until they grow up, and then give them away. We can keep the kittens, but I won't allow to turn our home into a zoo. Do you understand, Ozzie?"

Ozzie with kittens. Source: petpop

Ozzie was over the moon to be surrounded by squeaky, tiny babies, and the pit bull has finally achieved harmony with himself and with the world. The kittens need to be looked after, licked, and played with.

Ozzie with kittens. Source: petpop

Winnie is only glad to relieve herself of some of her maternal duties, especially since now she is no longer a stray.

Ozzie with kittens. Source: petpop

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One of the kittens, named Troublemaker, is so attached to Ozzie that the dog hints in every possible way: "Let's keep him, shall we? I'll keep an eye on him, don't worry. And next year we'll have more kittens and I'll have a real doggy happiness..."

Ozzie's favourite kitten. Source: petpop

So sweet. Source: petpop

Has your dog ever raised kittens?

Source: petpop

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