Choosing a dog is a very important moment. Everyone who sets out to buy a puppy tries to choose the most beautiful and of course, the healthiest doggie to avoid any problems in the future. But why doesn't anyone give a chance to those who are special? The story of this boy is so touching that it can even change your attitude to special needs animals.

A 12-year-old boy happened to walk past a pet shop and saw that there were puppies for sale. His birthday was coming and his mom had just allowed him to choose a puppy as a birthday present.

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The boy asked the salesman if there were puppies for sale.

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"Yes. Would you like to take a look at them?" the man asked. There were three mongrel puppies in the box, but one of them had a bandaged leg.

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"What is wrong with this puppy?" the boy asked.

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"Oh, forget about it," the salesman answered. "He has a leg deformity. These two are healthy – 10 bucks each."

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The boy took the puppy with a bandaged leg in his hands and started stroking it.

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"I'm taking this one," the boy said firmly.

"Why?" the shop assistant asked, adding that it wouldn't be able to run, jump, play like healthy puppies… "You know you may take it for free," the man offered.

"No. I'll pay for it"

"Ah! Don't be silly. It costs nothing"

"This means I also cost nothing?" the boy said and showed his artificial limb.

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On seeing that the boy's left leg was missing, the salesman couldn't hold back his tears.

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"I'm so sorry, bro. Please, forgive me," this is all that the man could utter.

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The boy paid for the puppy and left the store with his new friend with whom he had so much in common.

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And what is your attitude toward special needs pets? Would you adopt one?

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