All winter Carolyn had complained to her family about loud snoring coming from the basement of her California home. She was the only one who heard the sounds, so she even started to think it was her imagination. As soon as spring came, five bears emerged from the basement!

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Carolyn would tell her family and her neighbors about strange sounds, but no one else seemed to notice anything like it. People just thought it was the woman's imagination. A week later, however, the sounds intensified and started to sound like a loud roar.

"I heard these sounds all winter long, but no one else believed me," Carolyn recounted.

Carolyn and her family ran outside, and that's when they saw a bear crawl out of its den, located in their basement. They tried to chase the bear away themselves, but at that point they hadn't yet known that there were four more bears hiding downstairs.

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Carolyn reported the bear to the League of Bears, which is an experienced volunteer organization that specializes in helping get wild animals out of yards and lawns.

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When the experts arrived, they learned of a bear den that was in the basement. As it turned out, last year a female bear had three cubs. In summer a good mama bear adopted a little orphan bear and started to raised it with her own three baby. As it became colder, she started to look for a den for the winter. Apparently, she decided that an open basement was the perfect place for a den.

When the bear and its cubs got out of the basement, it was a truly amazing sight. They were lying quietly in the sun, as if discussing their future plans.

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After the bears realized that winter was over, they left the yard and made it into the woods.

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Bears abound in California, and locals have become accustomed to their presence. However, meeting wild animals may not be safe, so local authorities urge residents to be careful and follow safety rules.

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