Most people don't realize how much they will benefit from adopting an adult dog rather than a youngster. Grown-up dogs have a lot to offer humans, and in many ways, they are much better than pups.

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You are saving a life

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Adult dogs are often overlooked by those who want a furry friend, so the chances of adoption for them are rather slim. The lives of older dogs in shelters are much harder than those of younger dogs, and they have a much harder time surviving in captivity. Moreover, if no one takes a dog from the shelter for a long time, the pooch is simply put to sleep to make room for new dogs.

You can see what you're getting

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Unlike puppies, adult dogs have already grown to their full size and will not change in the future. Adult dogs' personalities are already formed and predictable, so you can see what kind of dog you're taking into the family.

You'll have time for yourself

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Adult dogs require far less care than puppies. They require little or no supervision, so you can spend your free time with your family.

You can teach an old dog new tricks

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Everything you've heard up to this point is actually not true. Adult dogs are much easier to train than puppies because they are more focused.

They're great to cuddle with

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Adult dogs have a softer, calmer personality, which makes them perfect pals for watching TV, sleeping on the couch, and morning cuddles.

They are already home-trained

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As you get your puppy accustomed to life indoors, you are likely to find that your whole home stinks of urine and many things are damaged. Adult dogs already know, and are accustomed to going potty outside only.

Adult dogs are ready to be your friend

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These guys know what a leash is and have seen a lot, so for a kind attitude towards them, they are ready to go with you anywhere you decide, for example, for a walk in the park, or even on a hike.

They sleep as much as you do

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Adult dogs, unlike puppies, are used to the human schedule so no one will wake you in the middle of the night.

It takes them less time to adjust to their new home

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Adult dogs are very good at adjusting to a new home because they've seen what life with humans is like before.

They're much less trouble

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In addition to being home accustomed, they're also much less likely to chew things up and make a mess of your home. They like to sleep more than they like to be naughty.

They are just adorable!

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Of course, adult dogs are pretty darn cute, and they're just as funny and affectionate as puppies.

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