Thorin the German Shepherd has always loved to protect and serve his owners. One day, Thorin discovered a nest full of quail eggs in his owner's backyard. The doggie was intrigued and watched as the tiny eggs slowly hatched into adorable, fluffy quail chicks.

Thorin was around the chicks when they hatched. Source: YouTube screenshot

As the chicks emerged from their shells, Thorin couldn't help but take on the role of their protector and provider. He would lay next to the nest and guard them from any potential danger. Thorin even began to take food to the chicks and stood watch while they ate.

The German Shepherd guards the chicks from any potential danger. Source: YouTube screenshot

Days turned to weeks and Thorin continued to care for the quail chicks as they grew bigger and stronger. The chicks began to explore their surroundings, and Thorin would follow closely behind to ensure their safety. Thorin had become their loving and devoted dad.

Thorin became the chicks' loving and devoted dad. Source: YouTube screenshot

One day, Thorin's owners noticed the beautiful bond between their pooch and the quail chicks. They described it as pure and heartwarming. Thorin had shown such kindness and love that they were touched by the animal's gentleness and sensitivity. They couldn't have been happier to witness Thorin's natural paternal instincts shine through.

Watch this cute video featuring how Thorin is watching chicks:

Thorin's love for the quail chicks inspired his owners to learn more about these little birds. The more they learned, the more they were amazed at the skill and care Thorin had shown for these delicate creatures.

One cannot stop wondering what incredible bonds can form between different species.

Source: buzzspace

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