Joe Pershing, a Renault driver was out on a self-guided tour of remote parts of Florida. After another parking lot, Pershing got behind the wheel, started the engine, but heard uncharacteristic noises. The guy opened the hood and immediately slammed it shut: a ten-foot-long tiger python was cozily curled up right in the engine.

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The tiger python's native habitat is Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. But around the 80s, Americans started to keep these large snakes as pets. Especially often they were bought in Florida.

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But keeping a ten-foot-long reptile at home was obviously costly, so pythons were released into the wild. In the warm, humid areas of Florida, these snakes felt most comfortable and quickly multiplied. Now local authorities are trying to combat the invasive species.

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So seeing a python under the hood, Joe wasn't too surprised. He had to call the special services. They removed the reptile and took it to the zoo:

Pythons are a serious problem in Florida. Every year thousands of the giant reptiles are captured here.

Source: trendymen

Source: trendymen

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