Dogs can get into all kinds of trouble. Sometimes we get angry or upset about our pets' antics, but those emotions don't last. Julie Saunders, 38, from the UK experienced exactly these emotions when she left her two Labradors home alone for just an hour.

Julie Saunders. Source: Metro

It didn't take long her dogs Rocco and Poppy to wreak havoc.

Someone will be punished. Source: Metro

"When I got home, my first thought was, 'Oh my God!'" Julie recalls. "There were duck feathers everywhere. Poppy came to the door with a toy in her mouth but Rocco was just lying on the sofa and didn't move."

The dogs greeted their owner as if nothing had happened. Source: Metro

More precisely, Rocco was lying on the ripped-up couch. Usually the furniture is covered with a protective cover, but that day Julie decided to wash it before leaving. This was a fatal mistake.

This is what the couch should look like. Source: Metro

"We took pictures of all the chaos but couldn't shout at the dogs because they're too cute to be mad at," Julie says. "We just had a good laugh."

And that's what happened to the couch. Source: Metro

According to the woman, it would cost about $1,000 to repair the couch. Now Saunders locks her pets in the kitchen so that they won't chew up anything in the future.

Do your dogs play games together?

Source: Metro

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