In 1801, a group of merchants left horses and other wild animals on an island in the middle of the ocean. They planned to return for them, but eventually the animals were abandoned forever. Only 100 years later, people rediscovered Sable, but by then the narrow strip in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean had completely changed.

Sable is located near Canada. Source: YouTube screenshot

Navigation near the island has always been hampered by two countercurrents, which generate large whirlpools.

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Moreover, the same currents shift Sable by 6 feet every year – that's the reason why sailors couldn't find it for a long time.

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Horses were brought here by Acadians, descendants of the first settlers from France. In 1801, they happened to dock on the shores of Sable Island. The settlers decided to leave the animals and pick them up on the way back.

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Of course, the Acadians were not able to return. Horses were left to live on a small strip of land in the middle of the ocean. Fortunately, the ungulates felt quite comfortable as there the island boasts lush vegetation.

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About 100 years later, other ship approached Sable. Sailors were surprised to find that the island had dramatically changed: in addition to horses thousands of seals took a shine to its shores. The animals even learned to interact:

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