Francisca Romero, 70, from Spain has recently been "on the other side." ... A truly amazing story happened to her!

A lonely old lady lived with her dog Amanda, a faithful and affectionate creature, whom she pampered as much as she could. Despite their poor life, modest neighborhood, Romero and the dog were happy. Then one day...

Francisca Romero. Source: petpop

Neighbors saw Amanda running down the street and barking loudly as if trying to attract passers-by attention. They ran after her and found Francisca lying unconscious on the floor of her room. Neighbors called an ambulance, and as Francisca was being taken away, the dog followed her to the hospital.

Francisca suffered a stroke and fell into a coma. She depended completely on machines, and nothing seemed to help...

Amanda would lie by Francisca's side, lick her hands, and do her best to warm up her owner!

Source: petpop

And a month later a miracle happened. Suddenly Francisca came out of a coma. The words she spoke first stunned the doctors...

"Where is the white angel who would whisper every day that everything would be all right?"

Source: petpop

No other words were needed... Francisca and Amanda have been bonded forever! Amanda did her best not to let her owner go to heaven. This is the true love of two lonely souls!

Today, Francisca has made a full recovery, thanks to the help of her white angel. And they are doing fine!

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