When a family from Southeast Asia decided to adopt a kitten, they spotted a beautiful British Shorthair mix on social media. The new pet was growing fast and eating well, but its behavior was confusing. Instead of purring, after a few weeks he began growling and barking like a dog.

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The family was unfamiliar with British cats, so when the breeders offered an inexpensive British Shorthair mix, the family was happy to buy him. They named him Dui and started watching the new family member grow. Dui was active and loved running around and playing, however, his behavior was again surprising: he didn't scratch or meow, but he did bark.

Source: trendymen

One day the family's daughter told her parents that the kitten had started barking, and although the adults didn't believe her at first, they soon saw it for themselves. Then Dui was taken to the vet.

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When the vet saw Dui, he realized immediately that it was not a kitten, but a puppy of a rare Vietnamese breed Hmong.

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"The puppy looked like a cat, but his behavior was completely canine: he loved to run and play, and there was always a cute smile on his face," the dog's owner said.

The owners were a little upset at first to find out they didn't have a kitten but a doggie, but then rejoiced that they had such a unique pet. They may never know why Dui looks like that, but that's not important to them. All that matters is that he's cute and full of life.

Source: trendymen

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