Although science has not yet proven it, it seems very likely that dogs are able to sense that their owner is pregnant. This is due to changes in a woman's body that starts to produce particular hormones and pheromones. Given dogs' excellent sense of smell, "it is likely that dogs can sense when a woman is pregnant and change their behavior," Dr. Jeff Smith says.

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Aside from scientific evidence, many women can attest to their dogs showing them that they knew a little being was growing in their womb. This is the case of Sherrell Rell Kelly, who shared a touching video proving it.

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Sherrell's Dobermann had a sweet reaction when her belly started moving

For Sherrell, there's no doubt that her dog, named Prince, understood that there was someone in her belly. 35 weeks pregnant, she shared a video on TikTok of her dog's reaction when her baby kicked. Sherrell captioned the post "My dog felt my son kick and did this."

At first, Sherrell was petting her dog. Then, her belly started to move, so she put her hand on it. At that moment, the Dobermann put his ear against his owner's baby bump to be able to hear better what was going on inside.

He seems surprised, and then keeps his head pressed against Sherrell's belly.


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Prince met his new best friend

Some time after this video, DeMar, Sherrell's son, was born. Prince had the chance to meet the one he had heard growing up in his owner's body.

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