Wombats are considered to be among the cutest animals on the planet. But how would this adorable creature behave if placed in the same home with humans? An Australian couple who shares their home with local wildlife species, shows why keeping wombats as pets is a bad idea.

Bronte and Linda Davis are the owners of Two Songs Sanctuary, a private shelter for orphaned animals in Australia. Each year, their large family adds new wombat and kangaroo cubs, unable to survive in their natural habitat without adult support. The couple nurses them to health and keeps the them forever since it's against South Australian law to release animals raised by humans into the wild. 

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A year ago, Bronte and Linda rescued a tiny wombat named Wardoo. He weighed only 1,5 lb and needed round-the-clock care. The hairless cub was always cold, so his foster parents had to wrap him up in blankets and keep him warm all the time.

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Wardoo is a tiny wombat

First, Linda had to feed the wombat every four hours as the capricious animal would growl loudly and demand food night and day. To keep the baby's skin soft and tender, she rubbed it daily with coconut oil. Caring for Wardoo was time consuming and challenging, but the couple enjoyed the job, as the cub responded to their efforts with affection and love. According to Linda, the wombat proved to be a gentle and touching creature. He hugged her while she was sleeping, wouldn't leave her side, and always exposed his belly to get belly rubs.

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As time passed, Wardoo was eating well and gaining weight. As a result, he grew from a newborn baby to a teenager. That's where Linda and Bronte got into trouble. The tender baby turned into a little monster who wanted to smash things, chew up everything he saw, and terrorize the friendly dog Cosby, who had never hurt anyone at the shelter and was a very gentle creature.

Wardoo started biting his foster parents, sometimes inflicting painful wounds on them. The mischievous animal had to be watched twice as closely, for if he got to the laundry hamper or closet, he would scatter everything on the floor. "He's become such a bully," Linda admits. "He had this 'Well, well, well, what else can I do that's so bad?' look on his face."

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And once a naughty wombat climbed into the washing machine and threw all the clothes on the floor. Linda and Bronte never knew what to expect from this fellow.

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Despite all the trouble, the Australians got very attached to Wardoo. He will live with them for the rest of his days. He's a special animal that makes his owners smile and laugh at his antics. According to Linda, he's part of their extended family, and they'll do anything to keep him happy.

Have you ever nursed a newborn animal?

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