On April 6, in the small town of Arlington, Virginia, one family's morning started with a piercing squeak. After a search, it turned out that the sounds were made by a baby fox who was left all alone on their property.

Source: lemurov

The family reported the fox kit to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington. The League specialists usually deal with rescuing and rehabilitating wild animals that have gotten into trouble. However, the homeowners assumed that a healthy animal simply would not have come to humans squeaking so pitifully.

But the League staff refused to take the baby because it was full and looked quite healthy. And it was dangerous to touch it: the mother might not recognize a human-smelling kit. It was decided to put the baby in a basket from which the mother fox could pick it up. The family, concerned about the baby's fate, started to wait.

Source: lemurov

And not in vain! The specialists were not wrong, and the female fox returned at night for her baby. This adorable rescue story went viral after it had been shared by the animal welfare league on social media.

Source: lemurov

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