Bruce Super, known for his snack reviews, has recently shared a hilarious video on TikTok featuring his Labradoodle. The point is that his usually fluffy pet retuned from the groomer completely unrecognizable. The pet that had had beautiful fluffy fur at the beginning of the video, was shaved clean. The result was that pooch started looking half his former size.

The Labradoodle. Source: TikTok

Although Super has always adored his pet's luxurious coat, the Labradoodle got matted during his stay with a carer when Super was away on holiday.

The video starts with the fluffy dog asking for treats in the kitchen. The next moment a completely different dog makes it to his bowl. One can hardly recognize Super's pet in this pooch!

The Labradoodle. Source: TikTok

Probably being a little upset, Bruce captioned the video "When your beautiful dog goes to the groomer."

The Labradoodle. Source: TikTok

The Labradoodle. Source: TikTok

He also added below the video: "My dog was taken to the groomer this week… No words."


My dog was taken to the groomer this week… 🥲. No words… #dog #groomer #dogsoftiktok #dogsvideo #dogsoftiktokviral #doggrooming #funnydog #funnydogs #labradoodle #cobberdog #cobberdogpuppy #cobberdogsontiktok

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As one commenter noted, shaving your pets is always so devastating but they are still beautiful.

Does your pet like grooming? 

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