Irene Suai, a Thai farmer, has recently taken a huge buffalo, perhaps one of the biggest in the world, for a walk. The majestic animal has indeed grown to be the size of a small shuttle bus. The video shows moments of how the experienced breeder easily subdues one-ton buffalo.

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As for Suai, who is a professional breeder of the Water Buffalo, she can boast a slim figure. The buffalo looks even more majestic when compared to its petite owner.

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These animals are known for their enormous size. Irene's prize buffalos stand over 6 feet tall and weigh more than a ton. Their horns can grow up to 5 feet.

Source: trendymen

"My buffalo are worth a million baht each. $30,000 is a small price for such an animal," she says proudly.

It took Irene a lot of effort to be recognized by the Thai Breeders Association. But now Suai's purebred buffalos are considered among the best in the whole kingdom.

Source: trendymen

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