While at work, a woman had her home renovated by a specialized company. When she returned, her new bathtub was installed and everything was in order, except for one detail: her cat had disappeared. However, she would eventually hear him meowing nearby.

The user @chicledenaranja from Spain has recently told the story of her cat, Monchis. He was unfortunate enough to get stuck under a newly installed bathtub.

The owner of a house in Madrid was planning to have her bathroom renovated. The work was to be done in her absence, in agreement with the team of contractors. So, with peace of mind, the lady left for work one September morning, after having entrusted her home to specialists.

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A disturbing disappearance

On her way home a few hours later, the woman called Monchis as usual. The orange tabby cat usually comes to greet her, but this time he was nowhere to be found. This situation was not necessarily alarming, since the pet liked to wander around and emerge later.

So, his owner waited, hoping that he would come back soon. However, long minutes passed without him showing up. This made his owner worried and she renewed the search for her kitty. When she called him, she finally heard his meows in the bathroom, but was unable to locate the cat.

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A frightening observation

As the woman listened closely, she realized what had happened. Monchis had been walled up under the bathtub during the work! The tiles had been laid without anyone noticing the kitty. As Monchis was at risk of suffocation, his human did not hesitate to destroy the tiles just laid to recover him.

Cautiously, he pulled his head out, and was safe. The woman asked not to blame the workers. She pointed out that her cat was the champion of finding unlikely hiding places.

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