Nicole Rose, 33, often faces criticism about her attitude to her dog. The fact is that the woman regularly dyes her dog Stella in different colors. Rose adopted Stella from the shelter. When the doggie was only 5 months old, Nicole dyed the dog for the first time.

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According to Nicole, the dye she uses is completely safe for animals. The woman believes she makes her beloved pet's coat bright, not for herself, but solely because of her dog's needs.

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"The first time we shaved off the bright fur, Stella cowered in a corner and was so sad that we decided we would dye her again when the fur grew back," the owner said.

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"It's part of her personality, she likes different colors. As soon as we dye Stella, she starts jumping around happily, as if to tell everyone around her to look at how beautiful she is," Nicole explained.

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And what do you think?

Source: petpop

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