The weight of Hercules, the largest cat on the planet, is amazing. He weighs a whopping 922lb, which is comparable to two adult lions. However, he is neither a lion nor a tiger. Hercules is a hybrid of a lion and a tigress, known as a liger.

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Hercules was born in 2002 at Myrtle Beach Safari Preserve in South Carolina. His parents, lion Arthur and tiger Ayla, lived in the same large enclosure but were not intentionally crossbred. Ligers, like other hybrids, are not found in the wild because lions and tigers live in different regions of the world.

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However, the genes of these two giants have been combined unexpectedly successfully: the lion passed on a growth gene that wasn't blocked by tiger genes, resulting in the giant size of the liger.

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Hercules reached his full height at the age of 6, and has not grown ever since. The average lion measures 9 feet, while Hercules is standing more than 11 ft tall and 4 ft at the shoulder.

Despite his enormous size, Hercules is quite agile and can run and swim fast. He can run at speeds of 50 to 55 miles per hour, which is also an excellent record.

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Take a look at the life of this amazing big cat:

Hercules was listed in the Guinness World Records as the largest living cat, and so far no other cat has been found larger or heavier than him. He loves hanging around in the yard with his humans who enjoy watching this unusual animal.

What do you think about such breeding?

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