Andrew, 12, has recently rescued a dog from the street that is in need of treatment. So the schoolboy has come up with the idea to sell lemonade to pay the vet bill.

When 12-year-old Andrew wanted to adopt a stray dog, his parents agreed on condition that boy paid the vet bill. It was then that the boy realized that he needed a job.

Andrew. Source: petpop

The family already had one rescued dog, Max, but the boy also wanted to help the sick dog in need of treatment whom he named Archie.

Andrew with Max and Archie. Source: petpop

His parents gave $100 for Archie's treatment, but it wasn't enough. Then Andrew came up with the idea to sell lemonade. Passers-by, who met the boy, wondered why he was selling lemonade, and when they learned his story, they willingly helped him.

Andrew came up with the idea to sell lemonade. Source: petpop

Andrew's drink was simple and tasty, like a mojito. It was all natural, made of his grandma's organic lemons and basil. The boy earned the necessary amount in five days. With this money Archie was operated on.

Such a good example to follow!

Have you ever helped a stray dog?

Source: petpop

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