Hulu and Tootsie are siblings who help patients at St. Cloud Hospital keep their spirits up during treatment.

Their owner Patricia, who suffers from dementia, was their first patient. Her husband noticed how beneficial the dogs were to his wife's mental state, and decided to make the most of his pets' "medical talent."

The gentle giant.  Source: YouTube screenshot

Before their "medical career," Hulu and Tootsie were show dogs, and they had a huge number of awards to their credit. Now the dogs receive other rewards, no less valuable – the happy smiles of patients and their gratitude.

Hulu has made friends with a little girl. Source: YouTube screenshot

Therapy dogs visit patients before complicated surgeries and then visit them during the rehabilitation period. Despite their intimidating size (Hulu weighs 170lb, and Tootsie weighs 166lb), these are good-natured dogs who just love to help people.

So calm. Source: YouTube screenshot

Before the dogs started working, they were trained by a specialist in training therapy dogs.

Kisses. Source: YouTube screenshot

When people think of therapy dogs they may think of a good-natured Labrador, Golden Retriever, or a small dog, but certainly not a Great Dane. But the amount of kindness in Tootsie's and Hulu's hearts is directly proportional to their enormous size.

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Source: petpop

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