Molly the retriever has a special mission to greet and soothe animals arriving at the rescue center. This emaciated miniature horse, neglected and abandoned by her former owners, was no exception. Care and attention can help alleviate anyone's anxiety!

The dog named Molly, who lives at the CERA Animal Center, has one remarkable feature – she is surprisingly friendly with other animals.

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Dogs, cats, pigs, goats, horses - the friendly golden retriever can find common ground with anyone! When rescuers brought an emaciated Sammie to the center, the dog somehow sensed that he needed help.

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After wandering the streets, lonely Sammie was diagnosed with numerous health issues. He was underweight, his teeth were in poor condition, and he had a birth defect causing problems with his hind legs.

Had it not been for the staff at the CERA center, he might have been put to sleep. Sammie, for his part, has proved to be a real fighter! The newly arrived resident was groomed and placed in a cozy pen.

That evening, the friendly Molly rushed to shower Sammie with attention!

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"It was later that evening, after Sammie got bedded down — I don't sleep well at night so I was out here sitting in the rocking chair — and Molly was with me and she just walked over to him," says Kindle, the rescue center employee, adding "She was telling him, 'It's going to be OK, and you're going to be OK."

The horse has a long journey to regain his health and weight, but Sammie is now in good hands. He is on a proper diet and is surrounded with love and care given such an attentive new friend as Molly!

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