The little raccoon was lying motionless right on the bike trail, and seemed to be no longer alive...

Source: The Dodo

Former police sergeant Dave Ferrell was riding his bike in a park in Tallahassee, Florida, when he suddenly heard a pitiful squeak somewhere nearby. The cyclist immediately realized that it was a baby animal, and rushed to look for it.

Looking around, the man suddenly noticed a tiny body right on the bike trail

Source: The Dodo

It was a baby raccoon who was calling out for his mother with the last of his strength. "He was in bad shape laying in the bike trail, flies all over him. He wasn't long for this world," Ferrell recalls. The man looked around carefully, hoping to find the baby's mother, but to no avail.

Ferrell couldn't leave the little raccoon to fend for itself. He put it in his backpack and pedaled him to safety. On the way out of the park, Ferrell happened to run into another policeman and handed the baby over to him.

Source: The Dodo

The raccoon was taken to St. Francis Wildlife Rescue, where Emily started taking care of it. On examination, the staff saw that the baby's body was covered in fly egg parasites. If they had not been removed in time, the raccoon cub would have had a sad fate.

Source: The Dodo

Now the raccoon is safe. It is clean, fed, and grateful to its rescuer for not leaving it in trouble!

Have you ever helped an animal in trouble?

Source: The Dodo

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