Shelters around the world are rescuing stray animals. So did the staff at Fauna Kutina, a Croatian animal rescue center, that took in 5 extremely exhausted puppies found in a field.

The shelter was sure the dogs were Belgian Shepherd dogs

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The pups treated and put up for adoption. Marina became the foster mom of the three puppies. She gave them names – Alpha, Rhea, and Kia. The woman raised them as ordinary dogs, posting pictures online. Soon users noticed that Marina's pups did not behave like pet dogs.

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The woman asked the specialists who she was fostering. It turned out that she had jackals living at home. The animals could not be released into their natural habitat, because they had been around humans for too long and would not survive in the wild.

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It is forbidden to keep wild jackals as pets in Croatia, but Marina managed to get permission and not send them to the zoo. She wants to prove that jackals raised by humans are not dangerous at all.

Have you ever fostered wild animals?

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