This beautiful friendship surprised everyone in one of African wildlife sanctuaries. A 24-year-old male gorilla rescued back in 1994, found a tiny friend in the forest – a bush baby!

Source: The Dodo

Bobo is a 24-year-old male gorilla who was rescued by the charity Ape Action Africa. He came to the organization's sanctuary in Cameroon as an infant back in 1994, after his mother was killed by poachers. Many years later, Bobo is a strong and formidable 450-pound beauty, and also the dominant male in his group.

During another morning check of the animals, one of the caregivers saw something unusual in the enclosure of Bobo's family...

Source: The Dodo

It turned out that the giant Bobo had found a new friend – a tiny bush baby!

Source: The Dodo

The little monkey was spinning around and jumping in the grass before approaching Bobo, but wasn't afraid of Bobo at all

Source: The Dodo

"Our silverback gorilla Bobo made a surprising new friend this week – a wild bush baby!" the sanctuary staff wrote on Facebook. "Caregivers discovered him cradling the tiny primate during their morning checks, and were amazed to see him handling it with the utmost care."

Source: The Dodo

According to the sanctuary staff, the galago could live in the gorillas' spacious enclosure. Soon Bobo's family got interested in his new friend, but the gentle giant kept the distance! He showed the monkey to the other gorillas, but the whole time he did not let the baby out of his hands, carefully holding him.

Source: The Dodo

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The two spent at least two hours together before Bobo returned his new friend to the tree and then he disappeared from sight. The Galago is a nocturnal animal, so its appearance during the day is a rare occurrence. It is amazing that the gentle giant Bobo and the tiny galago have become friends!

Watch the story of Bobo and the tiny bush baby's friendship

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Source: The Dodo

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