The henhouse owner was shocked to see a big snake nestled under one of the family's hens. However, as it turned out later, the two had a long-standing friendship! The hen didn't seem to mind the unusual neighbor at all.

The two are having a great time together

Source: The Dodo

Texas resident Sarah Allison was checking out the chicken coop while vacationing on the family farm, and was shocked to see this scene. A huge snake nested under one of the chickens and seemed to feel at home. It was even more surprising that the chicken was perfectly calm.

It turned out that this was not the first appearance of a snake in the hen house. However, snakes had never interacted so closely with hens

Source: The Dodo

The wild rat snake is well known to Sarah's parents, and has an important role in keeping the coop in order. It lives in a wrecked car not far from the coop, and occasionally appears inside to steal one chicken egg for itself. In return, the snake drives away predators and potential pests that could threaten the hens and chicks. The family has grown accustomed to such mutual assistance. Sarah's father even calls the snake a "buddy."

"It has never tried to harm the hens or their chickens. We don't mind this snake because it helps ward off rodents in the coop," the farmers say

Source: The Dodo

Following the bird's example, Allison chose to leave the snake alone and when she checked again some time later, she found that the snake had already crawled away. Perhaps the snake had simply decided to warm up in the hen's home. Either way, the bond between the chicken and the snake seems incredible but it turns out it does exist!

Do you think this snake can harm hens?

Source: The Dodo

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